How do I pay?

We take a deposit on a debit or credit card. The remaining balance is to be paid in cash only when the hot tub is delivered.

How long can I hire a hot tub for?

We offer a hire period that should cater for everyone’s needs. We hire by the week, weekend or month. Please contact us if a different period is required and we will provide a quotation.

What about electricity & water?

The hirer is responsible for the supply of electricity and water for the equipment. Please ensure that you have a suitable electricity supply in close proximity to the hot tub site. You must also have a hose pipe nearby for the initial water fill.

Where can the hot tub be installed?

We require a flat level base to sit the tub on – this can be slabbed, concrete, blocks, decking or any firm hard standing. Grassed areas are not ideal but in some cases, using OSB board (2 8ft x 4ft boards) or similar may facilitate installation over grass. If the ground is flat, level and hard during the summer season, we provide a foam flooring to prevent any foreign objects cutting or piercing the tub. Although our hire tubs are 6ft x 6ft they require a minimum 7ft x 7ft area for safety reasons. Please ensure that there is adequate access to roll the tub into position. If any fence posts or similar obstructions need to be removed, or doors taken off, you must do this prior to delivery. Our drivers and installers will, under no circumstances, carry out any alterations to your property.

What about keeping the water clean and clear?

You will be supplied with ample chemicals for the duration of your hire period. Full instructions on chemical usage will be given to you during installation.

What happens if something goes wrong with the hot tub?

If the equipment breaks down or fails to work properly, you must report this to us immediately. We will then do our best to repair the fault or replace the tub if another is available. If this proves impossible, a pro-rata refund will be considered.